You’ll Never Guess Which iPhone 7 Feature Everyone’s Excited For!

What’s the most frustrating message an iPhone user can get (except the “gray screen of death” that tells the owner there’s no hope left for you of course)? It’s that damn “Not Enough Storage” error message that trips us up all the time. Well, at least this is a common problem for iPhone users who opted for the low-end 16GB storage models. And that’s why the upcoming iPhone release is going to make a whole lot of consumers much happier. Here’s what it’s all about.

Goodbye 16GB & Good Riddance

iPhone should have (and probably did) realized that 16GB storage can hardly satisfy today’s media-guzzling society. I mean come on, with all the videos and pics we are incessantly snapping, with the ever-growing app demand, and the constant media consumption of our generation, who can really get past the first week of the month with 16GB?! As Christina Warren from Mashable puts it, “Starting the iPhone lineup at 16GB is unacceptable and has been for years”.

iPhone 7 Specs & What Might-Bes

That sums it up pretty nicely, Warren, which is why everyone will be glad to hear that the much-anticipated iPhone 7 will start out with 32GB. Ditching the archaic 16B models, Apple will introduce their newest model with 128GB and 256GB as well (though some say that the 256GB storage will only be available for the iPhone 7 Plus model).

The iPhone 7 is scheduled to be released sometime in September of this year, and there isn’t a whole lot being said about it yet. There are some rumors circulating though, and fans of the expensive devices might be able to find these changes:

  • No headphone jack
  • iOS 10
  • Larger batteries
  • Home button that is touch-sensitive instead of press
  • Spruced up antenna lines
  • Deep blue model to replace the Space Gray. Rose gold may also be a color option.
  • Revamped and beefed up rear camera for better performance and possibly OIS (optical image stabilization)
  • Dual cameras on the Plus

And that’s all folks. Since Apple is notorious for keeping their designs well under wraps, we won’t really be able to confirm most of the new features and details until the curtain drops on the newest version later on this year. Apple, we’re all waiting with baited breath!