You’ll Never Guess What She Wore on the Red Carpet

The opportunity to walk a red carpet at a major event is an honor for most people. Whether at the Emmys, Grammys, or Golden Globes, celebrities – and those seeking higher celebrity status – have the chance to be seen by media from around the world.

An eye-popping outfit will certainly catch the attention of fashion and celebrity media, but purely shocking attire will likely go viral as pictures are spread from news media to everyone’s social media feeds. The red carpet is the perfect opportunity to make a statement, get paid a nice sum of money by the designer to wear a particular outfit, or just show off an amazing body.

Some women have worn such unbelievable outfits that they are still talked about years – even decades – later. And the most shocking outfits even get their own Wikipedia pages, like Jennifer Lopez’s famous low-cut dress from the 2000 Grammy Awards.

As the years go by and women wear more outrageous ensembles, though, it becomes tougher to shock and awe on the red carpet. There have been entire outfits made of string, feathers, VHS tapes, and even meat – thanks to Lady Gaga for the last one.

Women have appeared nearly naked, with only sheer fabric or neatly-woven string covering the bare minimum of a few body parts. Of course, those outfits always make news, even if most media outlets have to get creative with blurring or blocking things that will bring on FCC fines for indecent exposure.

This may be why red carpet events are always so well-covered by the media. The likelihood that someone will wear something so unexpected grows each year. While a select few started the trend – Barbara Streisand in 1969 and then Cher in 1986 – opportunities for such risqué appearances in full view of cameras are everywhere in today’s world.

This video picks 10 of the most outrageous outfits in the history of the red carpet, with a few that you might not even remember!