You Will Not Believe What Comes Out of this Kid’s Mouth

Noah is the kind of kid you want to meet!

Ellen DeGeneres is the kind of person who seems to bring out the best and the funniest in children. As a host of her long-running daytime talk show, she meets and interviews kids from all walks of life, especially those who make her laugh. So when she saw the video of Noah that went viral on the internet, she invited him to her show.

The first meeting of Ellen and Noah was so hilarious that she invited him back to the show. He proceeded to tell her about his “very, very, very fun” flight to California, with the exception of the face-plant when getting off the plane, and then he somehow tried to explain the relationship between his unmarried parents.

Eventually, Ellen was able to regain control of the one-sided interview and show a clip of Noah’s trip to a special dinosaur exhibit. “I’ve seen a lot of dinosaur movies in my day,” he said to the paleontologist in the video. And all jokes aside, he does show a solid knowledge of dinosaurs.

By the end of the show clip, Ellen announced she was sending Noah to be a reporter at the Texas State Fair, which ensured another eventual visit back to her show and more humor from one of her favorite guests.

Ellen has a special relationship with children, as they are drawn to her and seem immediately comfortable talking to her. She has a way of asking the kinds of questions that elicit funny and interesting answers, though many of the kids she meets are already funny in their own way. Ellen is simply able to harness that humor and energy and interview them in a way that highlights their positive traits. And by treating them as equals, there is never a case in which the child will be embarrassed by the appearance on her show.

One thing is for sure. While Ellen has a hit show on her hands, she may also be paving the way for bigger things from guests like Noah. She offers them opportunities to explain their initial viral videos, and she usually surprises them with gifts or prizes. And in the case of Noah, Ellen sends him on trips so she can have him back on the show again and again.