Who’s Calling Me? Get The Answer With A Reverse Phone Lookup!


You just got a call from a number you don’t recognize. You want to find out who’s on the other end, but it’s too risky to call that number back. What if it’s a telemarketer trying to give you a long-winded spiel about a home loan? What if it’s your desperate ex (the one you blocked from your cell) trying to get in touch from their friend’s phone?

Find out who’s been calling you with a reverse phone lookup. TruthFinder’s reverse phone search tool can show you the full name, age, phone information, location history, and social profiles for a number’s owner. Use this tool, and find out who’s behind that mystery number!

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Why Not Search With Google?

When you look up a phone number on Google, you get limited results. A Google search can only show you two types of numbers: landline numbers, and cell phone numbers that have been posted online.

So, if you want to order take-out or find out when the post office closes, you can find the numbers you need from a Google search. However, if you get a missed call from someone’s private cell, you can’t always rely on Google to give you the answers.

What About A Free Service?

Cellular networks don’t give away ownership information for free. If you use a “free” reverse phone lookup, you will likely only pull owner information for landline numbers. If you want to look up owner details for a cell phone number, you may have to pay a fee. Considering 90% of Americans have a cell phone, you can bet that a “free” lookup service won’t be helpful for most numbers you want to search.

What Can You Find With A Reverse Phone Lookup?

TruthFinder’s reverse phone lookup can show you the following:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Carrier information
  • Line type (landline or cell)
  • Locations and address
  • Social profiles

Say you get a missed call from comedian and Trainwreck star, Amy Schumer. She’s calling because she and J. Law want you to be their new best friend.

BFFs Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer

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Looks like fun, right? Amy calls you at work, but you don’t pick up. You don’t know any numbers with a 718 area code, so you search her number on TruthFinder. To do this, you type her digits into the search bar at the top of your “My Reports” page.

Look Up Phone Numbers On TruthFinder's

When you click SEARCH, here’s what you can find:

Amy’s full name and birth information.

Amy Schumer Identity Information On Reverse Phone Lookup

The owner history for Amy’s phone number.

To find out who else has owned this number, click the yellow arrows next to Amy’s name.

You can find the identities, contact info, location info, and social data for each person tied to this number.

Report Navigation Tab For TruthFinder Reverse Phone Lookup

Amy’s contact information.

This section can include Amy’s number, carrier, and line type. (This number is a landline.)

Amy Schumer Contact Information On Reverse Phone Lookup

Amy’s location history.

The comedy superstar has had a long history of apartment rentals in New York City.

Amy Schumer Location Information On Reverse Phone Lookup

Before you call Amy back, you want to find out even more about her. Is she on social media? Does she have any siblings? Does she have any traffic offenses? Has she ever been arrested?

To uncover Amy’s background report, scroll to the top of the phone report and click PERSON. Enter her name and click SEARCH.

Search By Name Or Phone Number On TruthFinder

In seconds, you can pull up Amy’s online background report. This report can include contact information, birthdays, aliases, current addresses, more location history, arrest records, criminal records, driving offenses, social media profiles, online profiles, related persons, and more. (Not sure how to read the background report? We can help you navigate it.)

Amy doesn’t have any arrests, traffic offenses, or criminal convictions on her report. But she does have a Twitter account (which you can follow directly from the TruthFinder report). She also has a couple siblings under the Related Persons tab. (Just click their names to pull up their background reports.) And, judging from the Google street view of Amy’s current address, she also has a modest-looking apartment in Chelsea.

Social Media Profiles On Amy Schumer's TruthFinder Report

Google Street View On Amy Schumer's TruthFinder Report

Want to look up someone you know? Run their name or number through TruthFinder’s background check service.

Why Use A Reverse Phone Lookup?

TruthFinder members have plenty of reasons to use a reverse phone search. Here’s why you might want to look up an unknown number:

  • A friend just called you from a new number, and you want to know who they are before you call back
  • You got a new phone, and you want to update your contacts
  • A telemarketer has been harassing you, and you want to block their calls
  • Your teen just ran up a huge phone bill, and you want to know who they’ve been texting
  • Your partner’s been texting a new “friend” — and you suspect that they’re cheating on you
  • You got someone’s number last night, but you can’t remember their name
  • You gave out your number last night, but you can’t remember their name
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Want to know who just called or texted you? Search that number on TruthFinder. Want to uncover more about the person behind that number? Search their name on TruthFinder. For a small membership fee, you can search by name and number, and get the scoop on people in your life.

Go ahead, look up a number today!