Watch What This Octopus Does! You Will Be Mesmerized!

As humans, we believe that we are the smartest creatures on the planet. Some believe that animals are here merely to serve us, amuse us or to become our next meal. What many of us have learned, sometimes the hard way, is that many animals are intelligent creatures and are just as clever as we are.

Case in point is the octopus. This eight-legged cephalopod is among the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Sure, they look a bit scary (almost like an underwater spider) but they have been proven to have solid problem solving skills along with solid short and long-term memory. Unfortunately, some people only view them as food or projectiles to be thrown at hockey games (yes, we are calling you out hockey fans).

While viewed by scientists as intelligent, they didn’t know just how clever they were until recently. An octopus was caught doing something that was completely unexpected and a fortunate researcher was able to capture this amazing moment on film.

The person that witnessed this remarkable feat nearly lost his life because of it. Julian Finn is a researcher with the Victoria Museum in Australia and witnessed this amazing Octopus at work. According to his story, when he saw what the creature did, he nearly drowned.

He told the BBC, “I almost drowned laughing when I saw this the first time. I could tell it was going to do something, but I didn’t expect this.”

We often forget that marine wildlife has to learn to adapt to their surroundings and sometimes they are forced to improvise in ways that are unexpected. This is similar to how humans are forced to adapt to harsh climates. We sometimes surprise ourselves with our ingenuity, similar to how this Octopus impressed the Australian researcher.

Ready to see what we’re talking about? Click on the video below to see what nearly cost the researcher his life. We should caution you to refrain from drinking liquids before watching this video unless you want to clean iPhone or monitor.