Want to Know How Street Performers Levitate? Here’s the Trick!

Half of the fun of magic is seeing the unbelievable. When you see a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat or saw a woman in half only for her to be fine later, you feel like you saw something truly amazing.

There are many magicians and street performers around the world that aren’t famous like David Copperfield or Criss Angel, but they entertain and amaze magic fans every day with their illusions. How do they pull off these stunts? Are they really performing magic, or is there something that we’re not seeing?

The case in point is the performer in this video. It appears that this man dress and painted in gold is sitting on an invisible chair while holding a cane. How is it possible that he is doing this? He is doing this in the middle of an open sidewalk, so there are no wires and he isn’t sitting on a see-through chair. So what’s the rub? What’s his angle?

We won’t pretend that he is indeed performing “magic,” but we will share that he has a unique way of setting up this illusion. The key in figuring out his trick is to show up very early in the day when the performer is setting up.

While most magicians will never tell their secrets willingly, there are times that they just simply cannot hide what’s going on. That is why some big name magicians like the aforementioned David Copperfield has a paid staff that he uses to help setup his tricks. You seldom hear fans talking about how they saw Copperfield setup his death-defying illusions, and chances are you never will unless a disgruntled employee spills the beans.

Your average street performer doesn’t have such a luxury. They have to setup on a daily basis before the crowds start showing up so they can be ready to perform and accept their tips from adoring fans. If you happen to be an early bird, you can find out the secret to their tricks.

In the video above, one such early bird filmed this performer setting up his floating and levitating man trick. Some of you may have an inkling of how the stunt is performed but all will make sense once you see the video in its entirety.

One thing that we will say is that this trick takes a bit more than a clever costume and deceptive setup. It takes a bit of athleticism from the performer, meaning that most should probably not try this at home.