Unblock Your Favorite TV Shows With a VPN

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You’re stuck in your hotel room on vacation, stricken with a sudden fever and there’s nothing to do but watch TV, so you settle in and flip through some local programming. To the surprise of housekeeping, you emerge from your room for the first time in three days, already healthy for two and running to catch your flight back home. A VPN could easily solve all your streaming desires.

Though you could be filled with regret for an uneventful vacation, your mind is focused on something else: did Maria Luisa ever take revenge on Juan Pablo for his infidelity? Back home, you hastily connect to airport Wi-Fi and try to stream the next episode of the soap opera you binged in Spain, but it’s been blocked! What will you ever do? Ay dios mio!

Your Favorite Show from Fiji

No matter where you are, or where the program you want to watch is from, a VPN will get you access. Virtual private networks are simple tools that route your internet address through a computer or server in a different location, making it seem like your traffic is coming from another place.

Why is this necessary? Well, popular TV and movie-streaming hubs like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu geo-block subscribers from accessing shows that aren’t available in their region, and therefore even block subscribers from viewing their own content when abroad! They can do this by identifying your current IP address when accessing their platform. If your IP isn’t from the correct country, you’re blocked!

This is easily bypassed when you find the right VPN, which can trick these platforms into thinking that your IP is from a familiar region. This basic function is common between the many VPN services available, but there are important differences as well.

Swiss Army Knife Features

The ability to watch US Netflix from Korea, for example, is a powerful benefit, but it’s not the only one by a long shot. Most modern VPNs come with a veritable Swiss Army knife’s worth of functions that make using a VPN so much more than a tool to just watch TV.

Un-blocking geographical restrictions is useful for accessing social media in blackout zones like China, always being able to communicate through VoIP services like Skype or WhatsApp, and to protect you as you surf on public Wi-Fi in foreign areas.

If you don’t want your service provider to figure out that you’re using a VPN with their connection, you can also use a kill-switch feature that will quit select applications immediately should your VPN service drop off for a moment.

Besides the bevy of features offered by the VPN companies out there, they all come at different prices and regularly choose to provide a custom mixture of a few different aspects: speed, security and service. You’ll have to determine what works best for your specific needs, which you can do when you try VPN trials now.

Some Ways that People Enjoy Their VPN

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Taken from research into the usage habits of VPN subscribers, we’ve found that people employ their private networks for several purposes. Whether it’s to tune in from America to the live football game hosted in Europe or to enjoy the best US Netflix from your vacation (or home) abroad, accessing geo-restricted content is just the icing on the cake.

TV and movie fanatics who prefer torrenting rather than streams also love VPNs for their ability to bypass networks that block this kind of activity. Gamers too are sometimes blocked from access to their team’s home server, and professionals abroad who have vital banking and communication needs rely on VPNs to take care of business.

Their extreme popularity means that it’s difficult to find quality information and recommendations online for good VPNs, but often, the most trusted source is just under your nose. It’s time to find the internet’s best VPNs – period.