Surefire Methods for Catching Your Cheating Partner in the Act



Think he’s a cheating bastard? Convinced she’s sneaking around behind your back? Now, you can know for sure. If you’ve got fears of an unfaithful partner, you might be right to worry. While not everyone is stepping out on their spouses, affairs happen all the time, and you have every right to find out the truth. If you’re suspicious that your other half might have another lover, here are some fail-safe methods for exposing the truth!

Uncover Hidden Accounts

Anyone with an iota of sense wouldn’t put up incriminating pics on their personal social profiles, but that’s what alter egos are for, right? With a new social media profile hidden from view, your partner can chat, flirt, and flaunt his new relationship with ease. Fortunately, hidden from your eyes isn’t hidden enough. You can enter your other half’s name to find other profiles connected with his email, name, or other identifying features. From there, you’ll see all known profiles, including the ones he doesn’t want you to know about. This information can be obtained separately, or it can be included when you run a background check, so look into the service you’re using before paying twice.

Catch Them in a Lie

Lying is an act of acrobatics that isn’t easy to keep up. You have to remember details of events, people, and situations that never actually happened. So you need a great memory, strong composure, and an excellent imagination to maintain a lie over the long run. That’s why tripping up a cheating partner in his lies is one of the easiest ways to catch him red-handed. Here’s how it goes:

  • Casually ask about his whereabouts on a given night when you think he was with his side chick.
  • Listen for details when he gives his story.
  • Now revisit those details. It could be that same night or a few days later. Either way, pay attention to the specifics of the detail. For example, if he mentions having to bring a guy named Elliot to the hospital for a broken arm because of a bar fight he got into, casually mention something about Elliott’s broken leg a day later.
  • Now monitor his reactions. Does he flinch, pause, or look scared, angry, or confused at the mention of this random detail? If he takes a long time to give you an answer, lashes out at you, or fumbles for his words, chances are you’ve caught him in a lie.
  • Try and be as subtle as possible as you check if your partner is cheating on you. Don’t let on that you know something or are going somewhere with this line of questioning, or you’ve blown your cover.

A Background Check is All You Need

Still known to be the best method for catching a lousy lover in the act, a background check can give you plenty of ammo to fling when the bullets start flying. You’ll get a ton of info on your honey’s new hunk, like an address (in case you want to pay him a visit), email accounts, and phone numbers. Background checks are also great because they give you interesting dirt on the person like criminal records, previous marriages, children, etc. It might interest your partner to know that her fling has done a stint in prison.

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When you check to see if your partner is cheating on you, you also get all the social media handles of the person. Check him out on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Any mention of your woman? Any pics of the two happily sharing a drink (that you didn’t know about??). People get downright stupid on social media, and they leave blatant clues that you can use to catch the cheating couple with their pants down. (This is even more realistic if the side chick doesn’t know you exist.)

Stop sitting in fear of the unknown. Find out the truth when you run a complete check on the cheating louse today.