Son of Shaolin Project on Dwayne Johnson’s Overflowing Plate

Having our favourite books converted into big screen adaptations is one of the most exciting ways to keep the thrill of a good novel going. That’s why so many production companies have taken to adapting popular novels into box office hits, and the numbers clearly show that this is a smart move. Sony has had success with such novel to film conversions, including The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Rampage, and now they are at it again.

Teaming up with Dwayne Johnson, famous wrestler, actor, and producer, Sony released a statement saying The Rock producer would be taking the lead on the production of the Son of Shaolin adaptation, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to be a good one.

Shaolin Saga Goes Hollywood

Son of Shaolin is a graphic novel that hasn’t been released yet. The book was authored by Jay Longino, but little is known about the content or storyline. What has been revealed to the public is that Son of Shaolin will be kung fu based with a modern twist. Themes will centre around contemporary teenage issues in the setting of the traditional Shaolin heritage.

Dwayne Johnson, the professional wrestler who surprised the world by being astoundingly good at acting and producing films, will be heading the production. Alongside The Rock (his ring name which stuck even after semi-retirement) will stand Danny Garcia, member of the Seven Bucks Production crew. Whilst Johnson will be at the forefront of the production, Longino has been hired to write the screenplay and Ryan Kalil, another former pro-athlete now Hollywood talent (Kalil penned his own book The Rookie Handbook just recently) will also take part in the fun. Kalil funded the graphic novel in the first place, so he’s already had a hand in making this whole thing come to life.

Johnson’s Busy Schedule

So what other exciting releases can audiences expect to see from Johnson in the coming years? Well, The Rock is already well on his way through Fast and Furious 8 (which he’ll also star in by the way), and Sony has contracted him for a new Jumanji production coming up next year. New Line also has Johnson slotted for a film called Rampage that will be released in 2017 as well. Busy times ahead!