Is Your Partner Cheating on You? Here’s How to Find Out!


It’s possibly the worst feeling a human has to endure. Having to suspect that your partner is cheating on you can destroy your peace of mind, inner tranquility, and emotional health, and most people would pay anything to know the truth. If you think you might be on the losing end of the cheating trap, here are some ways to find out for sure.

cheating Look Before You Leap

Before pouncing on your partner, it’s important to ask yourself some questions.

  • Are these doubts founded or are you just being overly suspicious?
  • Does your other half love you? If so, maybe you’re just being paranoid.
  • Are there clear signs of betrayal or can they easily be attributed to other causes?

Sometimes people really do have to stay late at the office, meet a business associate (of the opposite sex) for lunch, or have altruistic motives for their shady behaviors. Err on the side of caution, weigh your fears, talk it out with someone objective, and be smart about how you proceed. A little snooping around to confirm or calm your fears is fine, but don’t throw away a great relationship because you let your imagination get the better of you.

Of course, sometimes he’s really just a lying bastard, and he deserves to be exposed. If that’s the case, use some of these tools to help you find out if your partner is cheating.

Phone Records

This is a first line of defense check. Before you dive into the deep world of exposing your partner, you can look through their phone records to see what’s been going on. Are there several calls to or from a number that’s not saved as anyone you know or looks unfamiliar to you? This might be a clear indication to you that your other half is stepping out.

Electronic Media

Just like phone records, IM history, emails, and other electronic media can be a wellspring of information for you. Scan recent Whatsapp history (don’t forget to check archived chats), run through emails sent and received (work accounts too) and see if there are any new friends on SnapChat you don’t recognize. Of course, if your partner is smart about not getting caught he or she will have a separate account, use private sessions, or even lock the phone so you can’t see any trace of bad faith.

Background Checks

Background checks are one of the smartest tools a suspecting spouse or partner can use against a cheating other half. Now, if you’re in a relationship with someone for long enough, you would imagine you know enough about this person to not need a background check. True, but the check is not for him; it’s for her. That’s right, the one you think he’s cheating on you with. Perform a background check, and be amazed at what you find.

A simple reverse lookup from the strange and frequent number that’s been on his phone lately can give you a name. From there, a background check can give you loads of information on this mysterious stranger who has been in contact with your partner without your knowledge. You’ll get to know her name, address, location history, email address, other names, and more.

Look for Signs

People aren’t very good at hiding faithlessness. Look for telltale signs of an affair like:

  • Is there a change in his behavior, mood, or communication?
  • Does she smell different than usual? A new perfume or, worse, cologne?
  • Is he showing interest in new topics, music, books, or political debates?
  • Is she acting more secretive? Deleting messages? Locking her phone? Leaving the room to answer calls?

Maybe he’s just closing another business deal, but maybe he’s planning another late-night rendezvous. Don’t live in doubt anymore. Run a quick check now and expose your partner for the cheat they really are.