Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Smart Security Steps

With all the hacking that is constantly being reported, some people have grown a little paranoid about the internet and all the isues that come along with it. From the Ashley Madison kerfuffle back in 2015 to the massive MySpace breach that cost a staggering 427 million users their privacy, the world has much to be cautious about. But how far are you willing to go to ensure your privacy on the web and when are precautions just a step too far? In a photo that was released on Facebook yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg inadvertently revealed to the world just how far he’s gone to safeguard his personal space.

How Far is Too Far?

Hacking is certainly a major issue, but there are some folks who take things way too far. Leaving the internet altogether, not using ATMs, or refusing to open a bank account because your money will get stolen might be a little too much. Of course, going to the other extreme and not taking any precautions is also not a wise move. So where’s the fine line between reckless and plain crazy? Well, according to Mark Zuckerberg, covering up your webcam is a no-brainer that everyone should be doing. And that’s a pretty solid source to be taking advice from!

Cover Up That Webcam!

The world found out this precious nugget of advice yesterday in a most unusual way. The Facebook CEO, who’s currently worth 35.7 billion dollars (don’t worry folks, he’s planning on giving away 99% of that cash to charities of worthy causes before he dies!) posted a photo of himself to promote the major Instagram milestone of reaching 500 million monthly users. The pic was captioned with warm wishes and thanks to the Instagram community.

Nice sentiment, but that’s not what merited all the attention. One fan saw the post and realised that Zuckerberg’s webcam and microphones were all covered with tape! This is a commonly used security precaution, but the fact that Mark Zuckerberg, tech mogul extraordinaire, uses such a basic measure tells the world a lot about the importance of keeping things private wherever you are. So the next time you want to cover up your webcam with a piece of tape or a snazzy cam cover, you can easily defend yourself with a pithy, “Zuckerberg does it.” You’re in good company on that front.