Lovesick Unemployed Man Made £250,000 Trading Binary Options, After Being Dumped by Girlfriend

Out of a job and out of love, a recently retrenched manager of a travel agency made nearly £250,000 trading the financial markets with binary options. Jacob Kendall, 29, from South London, UK, lost his job when the company that he was working for went bankrupt. His situation went from bad to worse when his girlfriend of 3 years walked out on him leaving him with thousands of pounds in credit cards bills to pay that they had accrued together.


Depressed and with no money, he came across an offer by a leading Cyprus based binary options broker to trade the financial markets risk free. Curious, he decided to register for a trading account and gave binary trading a try.

Little did he know that it was going to be a life changing decision for him. The risk free trade offer of £50 which first piqued his curiosity soon snowballed into a princely sum of £250,000.According to Jacob, “To be frank, I was absolutely flabbergasted. I never imagined that it could be so easy to trade the financial markets with binary options. And since I started off trading with free money from the broker, I just keep letting my winnings ride on my next trade until all the sudden I found myself with a quarter million pounds in my trading account.”

Jacob said that it took him some time to realize the enormity of the situation. He had been down and out of luck for half a year and found it really hard to believe that anyone could make so much money so easily. “It would have taken me a decade to earn that kind of money from my previous 9 to 5 job!”

When asked what he was going to do with all his earnings from binary trading, Jacob said that he was going to pay off his credit card bills, his mortgage, buy a new car and save up the rest for a rainy day. As for his ex-girlfriend, well of course once she heard from a friend about Jacob’s lucky streak she came back to him. Jacob was no longer interested in rekindling their relationship. In his opinion, he said that it was actually good timing and a blessing in disguise. Had it not been for his girlfriend breaking up with him, he wouldn’t have been surfing the internet and discovered binary options trading. “Thank God she left me!” said Jacob while laughing.