Love New Foods? Let’s See if You Do After This!

Whomever said that “fortune smiles on the brave” had definitely never tried these exotic foods. Let’s call them…local delicacies…or maybe acquired tastes? In any event, even the staunchest foodies will not believe some of the crazy things put on the menu here.

Personally, the variety in my diet consists of the difference between cheeseburgers and french fries, but I guess to each their own. If you are someone that prides themselves on trying new foods, I’m pretty sure you might change your tune when you see some of the incredibly bizarre things that people will find on their places from the menus served up here.

Some of the dishes are things that you think you know and love – – such as pancakes made form blood – but that carry such a bizarre twist that they might have you thinking twice before chowing down.

Other foods are things that most people would never even dream of eating. There are countless ways in which people in developing regions of the world such as Latin America and Asia have decided it would be a good idea to cook insects of various shapes and sizes. If you don’t think that the fully formed insects themselves are exotic enough to be a challenge to your pallet, you can always try eating them before they are fully developed adults. That’s right, ant large is also a dish on our list, and something that actually surprisingly looks just like the potato salad you know and love from your weekend barbecues with the family in the backyard. Who knew?

And if you aren’t entirely grossed out yet, there are also some rare delicacies – and there is really no other way to put this – that just seem plain wrong. Things such as worm filled cheese, baby duck embryo’s boiled alive, or bull testicles are…not for the feint at heart.

If you’re able to even swallow any of these scrumptious treats down – much less keep them down for more than five seconds after swallowing – then you are truly someone who can consider themselves a food adventurer.