Five Ways to Know Your Other Half is Being Unfaithful (& What to Do!)


upset girl

Think your partner is stepping out on you? It’s not a fun thought to have, and it’s something you want to confirm right away if it’s true. Before you go all PI and check that he’s cheating on you, cover these telltale signs of an obvious affair.

#1 Acting Strange

Has your girlfriend been acting strange lately? Is there a change in her behavior, mood, or communications over the recent past? Did she used to be effervescent, bubbly, and talkative, but now she’s sullen, grumpy, or introverted? Does she insist on cleaning up before she lets you into her apartment? If something is going on behind your back, there may be an interruption in the status quo. Is intimacy dwindling? If he’s not asking for sex, he might be getting it from somewhere else.

#2 Something’s New

A new relationship comes with new accouterments. Does she smell different than usual, perhaps like a new perfume or, worse, cologne that you don’t own? Is she wearing a new piece of jewelry that’s not from you, her mom, or a close friend? Are there trinkets around her apartment that you don’t know the origins of? You have to question where she’s getting these new baubles and what their significance is to the relationship. It might be time for you to begin digging up more information to catch her in the act.

#3 Newfound Interests

Is he showing interest in new topics, music, books, or political debates? Suddenly, he loves the opera when you’ve been trying to get him to sit through a play for two years now. Or now the new Trump policies are all he talks about when he didn’t even know there was an election taking place! Renewed interests in new topics can be a sign that he is trying to impress or learn more about someone new.

#4 Upping the Secrecy

You can tell if someone trusts you, and you can tell when they don’t. Has your partner been more secretive lately? Is she deleting messages, locking her phone, or leaving the room to answer calls? This is a red flag that he doesn’t want you to see or hear something? Also, take note if surprise visits are suddenly unwelcomed and cause animosity.

#5 Unexplained Extras

Take a look at your monthly bank account break down. Are there unexplained charges, say to a hotel, jewelry store, or restaurants? Are you finding receipts for a coffee shop downtown with two lattes instead of one? These are all suspicious and need to be looked into more thoroughly. Sometimes, if your partner is getting sloppy, he might even leave an extra cup in the car with a lipstick shade that’s certainly nothing you would wear.

lipstick on collar
Run a background check to find out the truth

With all these items checked off, you’re probably ready to pounce. Just wait for one final confirmation. Ask about his whereabouts on a suspicious night, and then ask again a few days later. Lying is a tough gig to maintain, so he’ll probably mess up details or get frustrated having to keep up the farce. Does he get angry when you ask these simple questions? That’s another big sign of guilt.


Background Checks Can go a Long Way

Now if you think he really is cheating on you, it’s time to find out the truth and expose the cheating bastard. A quick background check can be done in minutes, and it’ll give you oodles of information on your unfaithful’s cheating half. You can find out home and work address, social media profiles, criminal records, known relatives, and more.

Of course, there really are situations when a partner is just going out for a walk, not feeling well, or needs to meet up with his boss for some last-minute business dealings. Go through this checklist, and it doesn’t hurt to run a thorough background check just to make sure!