Easy Way to Watch US Netflix When Your’e Outside the US


When watching Netflix in the USA, you get like almost all content available on Netflix but other countries get much less. For example, Australians can access only around 38% of the available content.

Number of TV Shows    Number of Movies    
1 157 4 593
Canada 623 2 562
United Kingdom
442 1 582
443 1 583

Looks not fair, right? Especially when you’re not in the USA.

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Why is this happening?

This is usually due to regional licensing and pressure from copyright holders. But Netflix used to be ok with people using VPNs (software that helps you change the location of your device) and accessing the US content. With the pressure from the copyright holders, Netflix had to either block VPNs, or pay for global licensing of the select shows. They chose the first option – leaving customers with a choice to stop using Netflix or find alternative solutions to watch entertaining movies.

However, we decided to check if any of VPN services on the market still work with Netflix. That was a challenging task as the vast majority didn’t (we tried TorGuard, Astrill, Unotelly, Unblock-Us and a few more).

But after much research and extensive testing, we did find a VPN service that not only works with Netflix, but does it consistently. It’s ExpressVPN, who must have found some great way to keep users enjoying their Netflix while at the same time securing their data.

That’s right—you can still watch Netflix by using ExpressVPN’s services. We’ll write down how to enable the workaround using ExpressVPN.

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How to Enable Workaround to Watch US Netflix?

First, we’ll head over to Netflix.com and log in without a VPN to compare. When I log into my Netflix account, I get the regular, highly limited selection that is usual for anyone outside the US. For example, under my ‘New Releases’ category, I get a few great choices, but the selection is disappointing.

We’ll see the difference after I connect to my VPN and connect to one of the US servers.

Great, isn’t it?

In order to use this workaround, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Go to ExpressVPN and click “Get ExpressVPN’

2. Select a plan that is suitable for you. I suggest taking one year plan, which is priced at only $8.32/month (35% off).

3. Enter your credentials (email and password) and select a suitable payment option.

4. Now download ExpressVPN for your PC. 

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How to enable the Netflix workaround?

1. Open the ExpressVPN Software  > Click the Sign In button and enter the credentials that you’ve created during the purchase process.


2. Then find the United States Tab and just click on it. The application will now change your real IP address to the one from the USA and will create a private and secure connection.


3. Head to the Netflix website or app and enjoy tons of quality content available to the US audience!

More tips

  • You can always connect to other countries to see their content – maybe the UK or Canada Netflix will have better choice for your taste.

Let’s compare the changes once again and see if it’s working well. For example, Zootopia was not available before. I’ll click on Zootopia to see if it works.

Perfect! My movie works, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without ExpressVPN!

And that’s it! It’s quite easy and pain-free to watch the US version of Netflix with ExpressVPN to get even more selection and fantastic film choices.

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