Drugs Found in Johnny Manziel’s Vaca Home, Says They’re Not His

In a controversial Snapchat, a visitor to the exclusive Cabo, Mexico home where Johnny Manziel is partying hard showed the world that the quarterback might not be as clean as he claims to be. The photo was captioned “Cabo Ready! Just kidding, I would NEVER!!”, and it pictured a woman holding a boatload of small packets of an unidentified white substance that we are all assuming is drugs.

Johnny Manziel snapchat drugs

Not Mine!

Manziel has adamantly denied having anything to do with the drugs. In fact, he said “They’re absolutely not mine. I don’t even know the girl.” The free agent who played in the NFL is currently living it up in a $2500 per night mansion down in Mexico along with twenty other people, some of whom he apparently doesn’t even know.

Bad Press for the Bad Boy

Although well-known for his career as quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, Manziel’s flagrant party lifestyle that has gotten him into loads of headlines as well as lots of trouble. After being released from the Browns in March for inappropriate behavior and suspicions of drug use, the promising sports figure went on a string of joyrides, showing the world that he had no intention of settling down just yet.

Manziel was in the news earlier this year when he was accused of domestic assault by his ex-girlfriend on January 30. The fun-loving playboy made headlines even more recently when Paul Manziel, Johnny’s father, went on record saying his son was a drug addict and that he belongs in prison. That’s a loving relationship! Manziel responded to his father’s words of affection by posting some wild pictures of himself on Twitter. One had him hanging off of a cliff while others showed him partying hard. The most prominent message was the hashtag #hiDad!

Going Straight

Manziel was officially dropped by two agents because of his behavior, and a party in Cabo isn’t building any trust in the young player. But according to an interview he held with TMZ Sports, Manziel is going clean as of July 1. He’s giving up alcohol, drugs, and anything harmful. Manziel said he is going to start eating a healthy diet and training rigorously to get back on track, and he hopes to be able to play once more in the NFL in the 2016 season. Let’s see if he can make it happen.