I Cried When I Saw This Video of Soldiers Returning Home

When people joined the military and leave for deployments, it is an emotional time. Children have the toughest time being without a parent, and spouses and partners do their best to deal with the loneliness and sadness until that person is able to return home.

Pets also experience sadness at the sudden absence of a person in their lives. They may go through periods of depression, though they are typically able to function and enjoy the people left to take care of them. Dogs are the pets most attached to humans, and though they cope well when someone goes away for a long period of time, they never forget that person.

All of this is evident when soldiers return home from their military service. Luckily, many of the reunions between people and their dogs are caught on video to show the pure joy of a dog seeing their missing human after that long absence.

The dogs in this video are clearly overcome with happiness. They express that joy by jumping and licking the face of their human, doing everything possible to show that person how much they love seeing them again. Dogs tend to lick humans because it releases positive endorphins in them that feel calm and comforting, and it is the action they take to try to show someone that they love them. Even in frenzied situations like this, the dogs want to show the soldiers all the love they possibly can.

Some dogs are so excited that they whine and may even seem to cry in an effort to communicate their joy. Combined with jumping, licking, and even sometimes hugging, dogs do everything they can to show happiness.

While they are unable to understand or comprehend the reason for the absence or how long it was, the ever-forgiving pets are always willing to set aside what happened in the past and welcome the person back into their lives with open paws.

It is all a part of a reunion between a dog and human when they share a loving and unbreakable bond. They ask no questions and hold no grudges. They simple love and enjoy their time with their humans. One might say a dog is a soldier’s best friend.