Chris Brown’s Frown about Naked Shot in Famous

Kanye West released the much-talked about music video this past weekend (an accompaniment to his recently released single “Famous”), and wow – it was certainly an outrageous statement to make. The 8-minute music film clip was obviously provocative, with West and wife Kim Kardashian pictured naked in bed. But when you add a whole crowd of other nude celebrities into the mix, it just makes things downright explosive. Ready for the line-up of Hollywood faces, or rather bare chests and bottoms, that appeared lying naked in bed alongside the dynamic couple? Fans got a clear shot of Taylor Swift, Amber Rose, Rihanna, Anna Wintour, and the sleeping sister Caityln Jenner. Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, and Ray J were also in the sack sans pyjamas.

Art Imitating Life or Just Another Plug?

The shot is taken with a fogged lens, giving the whole scene an even more sexual nature. As the camera scans across the bared body parts, some of the suggestive lyrics really pop out at you. Like the one about Swift and West having sex sometime in the future because, after all, he’s the one who made her famous!

The statement is somewhat racy, and certainly got people’s attention, but let’s just clarify something. The sleeping bodies in the film were made of wax, rather than featuring the actual celebrities themselves. West used these figures specifically to make a statement through art. But while the video was successful at raising more than a few eyebrows and putting the popular rap star in the headlines for a few minutes, upon closer examination it just seems like West is using provocation to fan his own ego once more. Is this art or just blatant self-aggrandisement, Kanye?

Not All Positive Feedback

Kanye is certainly gearing up for some controversy to explode over the heady video. He even tweeted “Can somebody sue me already #I’llwait”. Whilst most celebrities have reserved comment, perhaps allowing Kanye his freedom of expression through the music video, Chris Brown voiced his displeasure in being included in the mix. Despite the fact that Brown was positioned comfortably between Taylor Swift and Rihanna, the singer and actor had this to say to West on an Instagram post:

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