Your Browsing History is on Sale to Highest Bidder











Did you ever download anything online? Perhaps watched some movie or your favorite series? Thanks to Donald Trump you are now exposed to law suits! and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

April 3, 2017 will now be forever known as the day online privacy officially died in the United States. President Donald Trump has signed a bill into law that will give all internet providers the right to sell your online browsing history. Now, imagine your entire browsing history would be sold to people with malicious intents. Your Social security, credit-card numbers, passwords, favorite sites and shopping habits are all within their reach.

Now, anything that you do while connected to the internet could become the property of whoever is willing to pay for it.

How Does This New Law Impact Me?

With the passage of this measure, ISPs are allowed to collect any type of data that they desire. They can now track and sell everything about you from the moment you start surfing. Anytime you search for something on Google, they track it. Do you keep up with friends on social media? They track that too. How about online shopping? Yes, they track that as well.

ISPs are not even prohibited from collecting information on your children, as they can now collect information on anything a minor does while online.

Furthermore, there’s nothing in the regulations prohibiting ISPs from collecting data from your private emails and reselling it. Those private photos you are sending to family or friends may now end up in the database of your ISP. Do you use Google Maps? They can sell your Google Map inquiries, effectively leading strangers right to your doorstep.

You Are Exposed to Law Suits

If you download Torrents, stream movies or just doing things we all do, but know we shouldn’t.. Now you exposed to Lawsuits! This is no joke.. You can actually get sued for torrenting, or downloading things on the internet, and it doesn’t matter if you knew it was illegal or not.  It’s time to take you privacy seriously!

How safe do you feel now surfing online? Don’t let ISP’s exploit you for financial gain! Get a VPN and remain anonymous.

Fight Back With a VPN

Online privacy for the average computer owner is now dead. However, there is still something that you can do to retake control of your personal data: subscribe to a VPN.

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network and it offers a way to surf the internet anonymously from anywhere. VPNs connect your computer to an external VPN server, routing all of your online activity through that server and cloaking your actions.

While connected to the VPN, all of your traffic is encrypted and filtered through the server. Tracking software, cookies, embed images or other programs will no longer be able to track you.

You can take your protection a step further and install a VPN router for your home. This allows you to protect multiple devices at one time, rather than having to install and activate the VPN on each device. VPNs can also be used for mobile phones and tablets.

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If you don’t care about privacy, continue surfing as you have always done. Just realize that everything you and your family does is being sold to the highest bidder. Big Brother is now not only watching, but also selling what it monitors. Fight back by subscribing to a VPN.