The Best Way to Watch US Netflix Outside the US

netflix VPN

If you’re on vacation abroad and feel like relaxing in front of the TV, it used to be that you simply suffered through whatever was available – Spanish game shows, local public broadcasting, poorly dubbed programs or the same recycled selection of movies that were Oscar nominees decades ago. Get a VPN to solve all your streaming issues.

For ex-pats who have moved to another country, this issue becomes personal. Often, the strongest memories of your home are the shows and movies you enjoyed there, and these days the best of them come from one place: Netflix. There’s nothing quite like the pleasantly fuzzy feeling of nostalgia that you get during your third rerun of “The Office”, but due to geo-blocking, shows on the United States version of Netflix aren’t available anywhere else. There’s one easy method to solve this problem with just a few clicks. You can find out how to gain unrestricted access to US Netflix here.

Sneaking Through the Gates

Access your US Netflix account from the UK, for example, and you’ll be given a message almost immediately stating that the service “is not available in your region.” This is Netflix’s way of saying that if you want to connect to your US account and enjoy shows from your country, you better physically be in that country. Otherwise, you’ll have to subscribe to a Netflix account from the region you’re currently in.

Why do they do this? It’s a simple profit-grab, of course. By gating content behind geographical restrictions, they push subscribers who want to enjoy shows from multiple places to open multiple accounts. While in recent years, Netflix has received its fair share of criticism for this practice, we still haven’t reached a point where the entire Netflix library is available with a single subscription.

That would be fine for most, if only the shows they know and love were available to them personally, but just accessing Netflix from a foreign IP is enough to get blocked. How do we get past this? There’s one way that’s simple, cheap, and effective all at once: masking your IP through a VPN service.

Unlimited Access for Your Account

“Masking” your IP isn’t exactly the right term. Rather, VPN stands for “virtual private network”, which is a fancy way of saying that your computer connects remotely to another computer in a faraway place.

VPNs redirect your connection to Netflix through another computer first, tricking Netflix into thinking that your real IP is somewhere else. It’s easy to see how this might be useful. Imagine being in Fiji, or any other remote area with internet access, and using a VPN to direct all your traffic through a server in the US. Netflix sees the IP of this server and not your real IP, granting you unlimited access despite that you’re currently 7,500 miles away in a hut. Why don’t you get a VPN and watch Netflix now!

There are many VPN services, and the majority make special considerations for customers who use them exclusively for Netflix. There are often features that will connect you to the fastest server for TV streaming, whether Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu.  Furthermore, a plethora of other functions are designed to enhance your streaming experience like automatically routing you through the appropriate server depending on what you’d like to watch.

Fantastic Flexibility

A VPN service only requires an internet connection, meaning that you can connect to any of your VPN’s servers from wherever you are in the world with no restrictions. Many of them will recognize that you’re trying to watch US Netflix and find you the best US server to watch from, or witness your troubled attempts to see Barcelona vs. Paris SG and connect you to a European server. Sign up for a VPN and get unlimited streaming today!

However, not all VPNs are created equal, and some special considerations should be taken before choosing one. Some don’t support Netflix, or do but have slow servers. Check out some free trials of popular services and see for yourself, you won’t regret it.