Ab Fab the Movie Hits British Theatres, It’s a Smashing Success

Almost twenty-five years after its debut on British television, Absolutely Fabulous has finally been made into a full-length film. And it’s perhaps superfluous, but the movie is of course absolutely fabulous! While there has been a tremendous level of excitement about the film ever since the first announcement back in 2011, the film that was finally released on July 1 in the UK and received one of the warmest welcomes a movie has ever seen.

Back & Better than Ever

Whether Brits are looking for a laugh to lift their spirits after the recent Brexit decision has left people standing on shaky ground or whether the crowds are simply drawn in by nostalgia, Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie has attracted massive crowds, and everyone is singing its praises. Starring the original Edina and Patsy actors, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, the stage was already set for success.

Storyline with a Twist of Lime

The premise of the movie is a typically zany predicament about the pair of boozers, who have gotten themselves into a shambles, and the storyline is based around how they’re going to once again clean up the mess they’ve made. The movie starts out with a reassuring scene that lets the audience know Edina and Patsy haven’t changed a bit in all these years. They are still partying, shopping, and drinking excessively, and they still lack all the social etiquette to make proper judgement calls.

The movie heats up when Edina kills Kate Moss in an attempt to get her to sign with them, and she and Patsy are forced to go on the run for their freedom. Moviegoers will appreciate seeing the not so dynamic duo falling over themselves as they make their way to France in an attempt to start a new life.

Taking Britain by Storm

Jennifer Saunders wrote the screenplay herself, so the movie is totally keeping in tune with the true flavor of these beloved characters. Fans who remember the shows fondly will find the film chock full of all the hilarious antics, characteristic flaws, and typical humor that they enjoyed. Mandie Fletcher is the brave soul who directed the film, and several stars complete the cast including Gwendoline Christie, Emma Bunton, Suki Waterhouse, and Jon Hamm.

While the film was already released months ago in other parts of the world, English viewers can now see Absolutely Fabulous The Movie in theatres as well.