9 Reasons Smart Travelers Use a VPN

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Virtual private networks are useful tools that can quickly turn a nightmare situation abroad into a passing moment of relief. Stressful issues may sometimes arise that you neglected to let your VPN solve, probably because you didn’t even know it could help. Get a VPN and discover what it can do for you.

Unblock Your Lines of Communication

Many people who don’t feel the need to buy a prepaid phone, SIM card or other temporary solution to make calls have another service to rely upon: VoIP. Voice over internet protocol allows any kind of communication with a single internet, or data connection. However, many more don’t know that VoIP communications are blocked in several countries. A VPN service that can route the call through an acceptable IP demolishes this crucial roadblock.

Protect Your ID in Public

Without a home Wi-Fi connection to rely upon, many travelers use public internet in places like cafes or hotels.  However, the downside is that these networks often present a greater risk of threats like identity theft. More people connected to the network means trouble: more access points, more chances for a bad apple to be among the bunch. If you’re using public Wi-Fi abroad, get a VPN for maximum ID protection and remove yourself as a target.

Discover Special Discounts

By routing your IP through the home country of a rental car agency or airline, you’ll be privy to the prices that citizens enjoy, rather than the inflated rates offered to foreigners. This alone may save you more money that the yearly subscription to your VPN of choice. Make sure to shop around from different locations when comparing prices, and clear your cookies from the browser cache beforehand.

Stream Movies and TV You Love


Whether you are travelling abroad or just want to get a VPN for unlimited Netflix, route your connection through a US server from anywhere and enjoy your favorite shows on the go!









Geo-blocking is the process of restricting foreign IPs from using streaming accounts like those of Netflix or Amazon Prime. Essentially, these companies stand to profit from not making their entire libraries available from anywhere, and even UK citizens won’t be able to access the great shows on US Netflix from their home IP.  Whether you are travelling abroad or just want to get a VPN for unlimited Netflix, route your connection through a US server from anywhere and enjoy your favorite shows on the go!

Access Your Money

There’s nothing worse than being stranded abroad with no money, or no access to the money you actually have. Some banks require a home IP address to access important banking tools, making it a problem to transfer money or other critical functions without a VPN.


For fans of downloading media through torrent services and other peer-to-peer networks, you’ll find that many places will automatically block these connections. By using a VPN service, access these networks and download to your heart’s content. You can easily find torrenting friendly VPNs and get started!

Bypass Geo-Restricted Content

Whether a news or social media website in China or the BBC from anywhere other than the UK, countries today control what their citizens watch and read by blocking access to certain online content, or gating it behind on-site IPs. Bypass these restrictions by using an appropriate server with any major VPN service today.

Complete Device Coverage

Most major VPNs have a mobile application that can be installed on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, and used with the same credentials you have on your desktop at home. Travelers aren’t usually carrying their desk with them, and sometimes working mobile is the only option. In these cases, VPNs are ready to provide flexible service.

In Emergencies

For any trouble with your service when abroad, VPN providers often offer customers 24/7 live chat, email support and other ways to troubleshoot your mobile office without a hassle.

For a bevy of reasons, a VPN can be your best friend when traveling and help keep you safely connected with the world, from any corner of it. Be sure to do thorough research into your specific needs or the restrictions of the place you’re traveling to for optimal use.